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The Royals

Creation of The Royals & Who they are?

The Royals was created by Wilson brothers, Ryan and Matthew Wilson. The Royals is an intelligence based squad that prevents any kind of possible crime in San Andreas. The Royals’ main serving purpose is serving her majesty at any circumstances no matter what it takes. The Royals is a UK based squad.

The Royals has a stunning impact in the law enforcement, they prevent any kind of possible commitment of crime and also leaving a safe city to live for the citizens that reside in San Andreas. They have a strong relationship with the government of the USA as they are here to represent their beloved country, the UK. They only get order from her majesty and work for a greater Britain.

Understanding of Intelligence & Undercover Unit of The Royals

Understanding of Intelligence Unit of The Royals

The headquarter of Intelligence Unit of The Royals, United Kingdom

Intelligence is one of the key factors of the purposes of The Royals, they are specialized and trained in this subject of an under-gone 2 years of training. Collecting information is also the key factor of creating connections with the criminal activities within the states. They have various kinds of possible ways reaching the necessary information. Further information in regards of Intelligence Unit of The Royals is classified.

Quick image review of Undercover Unit

Understanding of Undercover Unit of The Royals

The agents of The Royals are well trained in any aspects no matter what it takes to get the given mission done. In regards of this case, they have various kinds of tactics to under-go Undercover to keep the track of the suspect/organization/etc. they are tracking.

Further information in regards of Undercover Unit of The Royals is classified.

Career Opportunities

The Royals is a squad which aims to seek the best at all circumstances. Our first priority is to see agents who are skilled and keen on their job of serving their country. Don’t hesitate to reach-out our both forums and official topic on saesrpg.uk, you there will be able to obtain the sufficient information in regards of our team. If you really think that you are worthy agent to be given a chance to join the team, don’t hesitate to fill the form which is stated on the topic of The Royals and submit it. You will be under vision of the Scout Team during your period of patrolling and involvement in activities of The Royals. If you show that you are a worthy agent to even be given a shot, you surely will make your way into the office of The Royals and be able to wear the honourable badge of The Royals.

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